At Bravo Target Safety our priority is to get all workers home safely every day. It is our duty to conduct all operations in a safe and professional manner with accountability to our employees, clients and other stakeholders. We provide safety coordination, project planning and trained safety personnel for turn-around, construction, drilling and day-to-day field operations.

Bravo Target Safety is looking for Emergency Medical Responders with OFA Level 3 and who are registered with the Emergency Medical Assistants Licensing Board to join our team. This is an exciting opportunity to begin or advance your career within Bravo Target Safety.

Job Duties:

  • Report directly to station manager or medical services manager
  • Complete pre/post-trip inspections on unit/vehicle
  • Drive vehicle to and from location in a safe and courteous manner
  • Park MTC/EMS unit in a safe and accessible location allowing for easy egress opportunity for potential emergency situations
  • Upon arrival on location, introduce yourself to the site supervisor and review details of job and expectations with the site supervisor
  • Complete site-specific orientation as required
  • Contact and set-up or update STARS site number, and complete BTS paperwork package
  • Conduct and maintain proper and accurate headcount unless otherwise advised
  • Provide medical standby-by services and medical care when required
  • Be fit for duty daily and comply with all of Bravo Target Safety’s and/or the Clients rules and expectations
  • Review and advice on emergency response plans as it relates to a specific site and scope
  • Conduct site safety tours and pre-job inspections prior to completing hazard assessments
  • Demonstrate leadership in all aspects of job performance
  • Participate in all Safety Meetings. Review SDS for hazardous materials
  • Rig in and test equipment for emergency medical response based on training, Industry Recommended Practices, company policies, medical protocols and client rules and expectations
  • Complete inventory and perform function tests of medical equipment and supplies
  • Respond to any emergency as per your training and provincial scope of practice
  • Incident reporting and assist in investigations as required
  • Regularly inspect emergency equipment as per training and to manufacturer’s standards
  • Participate in emergency drills as required by Bravo Target Safety and/or the Client
  • Participate in in-house training program on a regular basis
  • Maintain emergency response apparatus as per manufacturer’s recommendations and related standards require (deep cleaning patient compartments, regular maintenance on trucks, units kept clean and ready for emergency response if needed)
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Be fit for duty daily
  • Comply with all of Bravo Target Safety’s and/or Clients rules and expectations
  • Proven track record of exceptional customer service
  • Demonstrate leadership in all aspects of the job
  • Must have strong written and communication skills
  • Must be able to work in a team environment
  • Must be able to react appropriately in stressful situations
  • Must be computer proficient with the ability to use Microsoft Office Suite
  • Must be able to work away from home for extended periods of time, work long hours and be able to work both day and night shift
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to pass Drug and Alcohol testing
  • 2 years of EMR experience
  • Active EMA Registration
  • Clean Class 5 Driver’s License
  • OFA Level 3
  • Common Safety Orientation (CSO)
  • H2S Alive
  • Achieve and maintain an overall compliance of 100% with our online training system

Bravo Target Safety offers competitive salary packages, an incredible work environment, and career advancement opportunities. Candidates will be screened, interviewed and placement will be based on best fit for the individual and Bravo Target Safety LP. Hours and rates of pay will be discussed within the interview.